Pastor Mike Partch


Pastor Biography

Pastor Mike and his wife Carrie are natives of the Gunnison Valley in Colorado.  Mike and Carrie were both born to Christian families and became born again believers at a young age.  They were married in 1978, and later had two children.  In their mid-twenties, the Lord re-ignited a passion in their hearts for Him, and they began a journey of growing in their faith and walk with Lord.


The Lord called Mike and Carrie to pursue training for ministry in the Lord’s work at the age of 32.  In August of 1990, the Partch family moved to northeastern Wisconsin where they attended Northland Baptist Bible College.  In May of 1995 Mike received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Bible with an emphasis in biblical languages and Carrie also audited several classes with Mike.


In August of 1995, the Partch family moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota where Mike attended Central Baptist Theological Seminary.  He graduated in 2000 with a Master of Divinity degree.  During those schooling years, the Lord provided work for Carrie at the seminary and as a fraud investigator for a check printing company.  Mike worked as a building maintenance worker and then began his own remodeling company.  The Lord always provided for their financial needs of home and school.


In November of 2006 the Lord called Mike and Carrie to the church ministry of the Longville Bible Chapel where Mike became their fifth pastor in 52 years of ministry in the Longville area.  There, Mike and Carrie enjoy ministry with this family of believers who stand firm on the truths of God’s Word.


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